Community Service Initiatives

We Want to Help Our Community

Whether it’s helping feed the less fortunate, or giving money to expectant mothers, IGTech365 is dedicated to our community. We understand the importance of reconnecting with others around us. Every quarter, we get everyone out of the office to help out. IGTech365 is actively involved with America’s Second Harvest food banks and Metropolitan Minitstries. We’re even starting an intitative of our own, collecting and repairing computers to donate to local charities in need of technological infrastructure.

Every business, charity, and member of the Wesley Chapel and Tampa Bay communities are a part of our little family here. We hope to give back to the neighbors that have given so much to us!

Community Service Initiative Metro Ministries Eron

New Community Service Initiative!

We are working to collect old computers for our local community members in need. Our IT professionals will dontate their time to clearing data, repairing, and updating the computers. Once completed, we will take the computers to charities throughout Wesley Chapel and Tampa Bay. Our local charities keep our communities afloat and help those in need. Do your part today!

Drop off your unwanted computer monitors, towers, laptops, etc. at our office, or at the Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce dropbox located at the main entry.

Our Previous Community Service Initiatives

Donate Computers to Help the Community

Donate computers to non-profits, disadvantages families, group homes and sponsored families. Working computers are professionally wiped clean of data.

Donate Your Computer

Donate Computers to Open Doors   Donate computers to one of our drop off locations, because it is our responsibility as business owners and leaders to not only focus on generating profits for our respective companies, but to also give back to our community.  We...

IGTech365 Helping During the Holidays

IGTech365 was lucky enough to have a chance to join Fleetistics for community service at America's Second Harvest. It was a lot of hard work, but it was incredibly worthwhile. We take every chance we can to help our local community. The dedication required to feed 250...
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