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Email Migration to Office 365


The idea of moving to the “cloud” can be a major obstacle to taking the first step to the access and security the cloud offers. Don’t worry, we’ll handle it.  

  • Email migration from Gmail or on prem to Office 365 in the cloud
  • File migration to the Office 365 cloud
  • Seamless transition to business class email
  • Virtually no scheduled downtime
  • We use what we sell and service
  • File migration to Office 365 SharePoint


Microsoft Office 365 - Access Anywhere


Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of software services bundled by MicrosoftCloud based means let Microsoft worry about up-time. You focus on your business.

  • Migrate files and email
  • SharePoint file manager
  • OneDrive
  • Exchange
  • Outlook
  • Always up to date


Computer Repair, Sales & Leasing


Computer repair is just part of technology and IGTech365 can repair computers or provide an up to date business class computer with a lease or purchase option.> 40%.

  • Replace computer components
  • Remove computer viruses
  • Computer upgrades Ex. Office 365 or Windows 10
  • Join to network or domain
  • Computer recycling for charity
  • New computer sales
  • Business computer lease


Managed IT Services - Your Help Desk


Managing your IT infrastructure is time consuming and stressful. Outsource your computer networking for a fraction of the cost. Learn how to save 75%.

  • Network configuration and admin
  • Systems admin
  • Routers, switches, firewalls
  • Wireless network configure
  • Redundant personnel
  • Significant cost savings




Relax. We’ve got this. Call today and stop worrying about “IT”.

Routers, Switches, Raids & Blades


If you are an IT professional, those terms make sense. For the average business owner, all you know is you just need your internet to work and your data to be available. As your business grows, your needs change, and IGTech365 can help you manage your existing hardware, install Cisco professional grade appliances or migrate data to the cloud. We can help you set up specialized equipment to meet your company’s unique and special needs. Give us a call and we can bring in network engineers to find the least expensive solution to your IT challenges. We’re not bound to one provider, so we’ll do the best for your company.

Computer Repair and Service

Sometimes a computer just needs a refresh and you can avoid buying a new on. Maybe a new solid state hard drive is all that is needed or you have neglected to install updates. We will do what we can to help you avoid having to buy a new computer. Computer repair can be the right step but sometimes you just need a new computer. If you require high mobility and just do not want the hassles of an old slow computer, computer repair is not for you. If you value your time, consider the cost of a new computer to that of computer repair, your time wasted dealing with issues or waiting for applications to run.

When it is time to upgrade your computers IGTech365 has two option; purchase or lease. Leasing computers makes a lot of sense for many businesses. Since you do not own the computer, you do not have to worry about a warranty against defects. You also get a new computer every few years so you are sure to have newer technology which keeps you working at top speed. 

managed IT services and computer networking

Computer Lease Benefits

Low initial investment
Low monthly fees
New computer every few years
Warranty against defects for the life of the lease
Scheduled maintenance
Optional remote monitoring service ensure peak performance

Managed Services Testimonials

MES partnered with IGTech365 for network managed services. They provide help desk services to 70+ users and our network of 3 offices and the co-lo data center. The consultants have been extremely honest by recommending technology that saved us tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees because it was a better long-term solution for our company. Their customer service is excellent and I know they will do whatever they can to support MES, even if it is outside their normal service offering. website

VP of Sales Operations

Modern Enterprise Solutions

IGTech 365 really does provide full service IT services. For someone like myself with limited IT expertise, IGTech 365 not only provides thoughtful answers but also helps me ask the right questions. I don’t need full time support but I need full services on call and that’s what I get from 365. I also appreciate that the help desk is professional, polite and speaks English.

Board of Directors, Operation Vets Haven

Operation Vets Haven

managed IT services
managed IT services
managed IT services
managed IT services
managed IT services
managed IT services
managed IT services
managed IT services

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