Professional IT Services

Professional IT Services include & Special Projects

Professional IT Services

Professional IT Services include & Special Projects

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IT Consulting and Special Projects

Many companies have technology projects that they would like to accomplish to move their business forward or stay current in the respective market. Sometimes it feels like the IT department gets the projects just because electricity runs through it, and not because they are the most qualified to produce the best end result. On occasion projects are not appropriate for existing IT personnel or perhaps outside their skill set.

Let our team help you achieve exactly what you are looking to accomplish, and in most cases scalable for the future.  IGTech365 can work on a short-term or long-term project basis. IGTech365 has done projects such as business analysis for productivity loss where we designed and implemented a custom software solution, email migrations, hardware installations, and much more. Whatever your project needs are, ask us how IGTech365 can help (866) 365-7798.

  • Networking
  • Hardware Installation, Setup and Configuration
  • HIPAA and Security Audits
  • Software Design & Project Management
  • Data Migrations
  • Special Projects/Consulting


IT Consulting Services

Building a Plan

One of the unique characteristics of IGTech365 is the amount of project management and operational experience we bring to the table. Our team includes experienced IT professionals, project managers, system administrators, network administrators/engineers, help desk specialist, security analyst, but also consultants that have run various operations from service to retail businesses generating $1 million to $10 million dollars annually.

By understanding all business functions IGTech365 is able to work through technical issues which potentially have an impact on operations. IGTech365 understands technology is present to support operations, and the methodology reflects this understanding.

Managed Services v. Professional IT Services

Managed services are ongoing in nature and generally based on a monthly service agreement. Help desk support, system maintenance, virus protection, and anti-spam definitions are all great examples of monthly activities provided with managed services.

Professional services tend to be project oriented, unique, and finite in nature. Installing hardware, cloud migrations, design/implementation of custom software, or migrating a server to a Virtual Machine are examples of projects. These are just a few projects that we have added to our resume. We can assure you that we feel their is no project that is too big or too small. We have the right people to get your project done efficiently, cost effective, and provide the world class results you would expect.

We have found that client collaboration is key in meeting your specific deliverable. This is why we offer a client portal to visualize the process and progress. We also establish conference times that are conducive to your schedule to update you and verify satisfaction.  These meetings are also a forum to make changes before it’s too late save additional expenses.

Microsoft Certified Partner
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Tampa Better Business Bureau

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