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Azure Data Storage & Services

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Backup Data in the Cloud


Azure provides reliable cloud storage, backup, remote file access, and recovery solutions for large and small data. It works with the infrastructure customers already have to enhance existing apps and business continuity strategies in a cost-effective manner.

Cloud Migration


With Azure you can use your existing tools to create and deploy apps without the time and cost of managing infrastructure. Azure offers secure and flexible development, deployment, and scaling options for any size operation. Server applications are validated to run on Virtual Machines, or utilize a Microsoft service. Cloud services eliminate the need for networking equipment maintenance, like back ups and replacements. As a small business, every moment of your time is precious. Do not waste it fumbling with your IT infrastructure. IGTech365 helps customers migrate critical data to the cloud and configure disaster recovery to meet the unique needs your business presents.

Azure Cloud Dashboard

Cloud Service Console

The cloud console enables customers and IGTech365 instant access to system status and alerts, with the flexibility to add additional resources at anytime as your business grows.

  • Instantly increase storage capacity
  • Add cores and RAM to speed up website performance for seasonal business
  • Trust your data and services to Microsoft with the option to select data center location
  • Utilized services or virtual machines
  • Join customers under the IGTech365 management umbrella
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