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Thoughts and ideas flow freely between employees. As this change occurs, it is critical to shift your mindset to think beyond a set of features or traditional limits. Think about how sharing ideas and information removes limits of the past and improves productivity. Do more, with less, in a shorter period using SharePoint.

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Office-365-Business-tampaWith SharePoint, we are bringing the breadth of our experiences to all devices in every location. We will be delivering applications initially on WP7 and iOS, with a great mobile browsing experience for other platforms. Working from anywhere goes beyond SharePoint with native applications for OneNote and Lync on WP7, iOS, Android.

Manage Your Time

Professional ServicesTo help save you time, IT professionals can control and manage SharePoint. Ensure compliance, improve search analytics, monitor license reporting, and track user activity to understand how your employees are benefiting from SharePoint.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs


SharePoint is designed to minimize the operational impact and the costs associated with upgrade. You can deliver new features and updates faster, regardless of whether you run SharePoint in the cloud or on premises. Many customers create large volumes of content, which can put a strain on server resources. With SharePoint’s efficient file I/O you can save incremental updates to files and documents, dramatically reducing your storage requirements, bandwidth usage, and request counts.

HIPAA Compliance


If you are in the healthcare industry you know how important HIPAA compliance it. SharePoint offers HIPAA compliant file storage and management. Microsoft has gone so far as to make the required Business Associate Agreement (BAA) available to Microsoft partners like IGTech365 implementing SharePoint for customers.

One key feature of SharePoint is that files can be shared via link instead of sent as attachments. The helps control who has the document and reduces confusion of dealing with versions. Links can be set to require a user to login to a network to access in order to view or edit the document. Links can be set to expire to help prevent ongoing exposure not able to be addressed with email attachments. All industries with access to personal contact information must be compliant and are liable to the customer for HIPAA issues and potentially financial penalties.

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