Email Phishing

Email phishing can happen to any person or organization. The clues may be subtle but the consequences significant. Read about our phishing trip.

What Is The Cloud?

The who, what, when, where, why, and how of the Cloud! "What is the cloud?" is the most common question I've been asked recently pertaining to the IT industry. Many people have some very common misconceptions about many attributes of the cloud. I started asking my...

Recover From Disaster

Were You Ready for Harvey or Irma? How to " Recover from Disaster" - The Threat is Real. With the accuracy of weather technology advancing, we can usually predict most natural disasters days in advance. In the wake of hurricane's Harvey and Irma, it is time to start...

Donate Your Computer

Donate Computers to Open Doors   Donate computers to one of our drop off locations, because it is our responsibility as business owners and leaders to not only focus on generating profits for our respective companies, but to also give back to our community.  We...

Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack

#1 Ransomware Attack in 2017 As of Monday morning, more than 200,000 systems around the world are believed to have been infected. WannaCry is the most severe malware attack so far in 2017, and the spread of this ransomware is far from over. The NSA for discovered the...

National Small Business Week 2017

Celebrate National Small Business Week with IGTech365! It's that time of year again! U.S. Small Business Administration's 54th annual Small Business Week runs from Sunday, April 30th to Saturday, May 6th. How can you celebrate? There are tons of local events offering...

VoIP vs Traditional Phone Systems

VoIP vs Traditional Phone Systems The days of the traditional phone systems are coming to an end, and with its death ushers in the era of VoIP phone systems. There are major differences in the way voice is transferred. Traditional phone systems utilize the Plain Old...

What is VoIP?

VoIP Phone System Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also called internet phone, is a phone service that uses the internet for placing phone calls. This technology allows voice signal data to be broken down into data packets. It also eliminates the need for...

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