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Phone System Management

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Phone System Management Portal


The FlexConnX customer portal allows our clients the control the desire.  The customer portal gives you a feature rich environment including:

  • Account Management
  • Automated Billing System
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Message Center
  • Operator Console

These are just a few of the features that we incorporate into the custom system to fit your business needs.

Phone System for Small Business

Phone System Features


Account Management
Manage your account including company name, sales reps, agents/partners, billing email, technical email, contracts, and orders.

Automated Billing System
Features include monthly billing, automated credit card charges, Dunning, and A/R.

Case Management/LNP
View the status of existing Number Porting Cases, submit new ones, assign Case ID’s, and search for cases using advanced options.

Browser plugins enable Click-to-Dial functionality for the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Phone System Management


Detailed Accounting

Track orders, invoices, and online billing, including sales proposal Save & Exit s, orders, invoices, payments, credits, refunds, and automated monthly billing and dunning systems.

Endpoint Template Management

Create and modify configuration templates for any phone or endpoint on the market.

Message Center

Broadcast communications to Service Providers and Customers.

Operator Console

Web-based presence and call control application that allows users to drag and drop calls to and from other extensions, parking lots, conference bridges, or out of the Call Center queues. There is also access to voicemail, Click-to-Dial and chat functions. The console’s contact list may be built “on the fly” or imported from another source.

Phone System Administration

Shared Line Appearance Hunt Group

In addition to the above shared line features, there is the ability to group lines into a “busy roll-over“ hunt group. This feature allows calls to be presented to the next available line in the group.

Test My Connection

A diagnostic tool that allows your customers to test their own broadband connection for VoIP quality, suitability, and firewall port status from within their portal or via a URL.

URL Agent

Enables inbound calls to a user’s extension to manually or automatically display a Screen Pop from a 3rd party web application.

User Dashboard

A web-based user interface that allows users to configure their Hosted PBX, create Call Groups and Queues, plus view call detail records, billing information, voicemail options,  and more.

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