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Hosted VoIP

Cloud Based Reliability

You want reliable, high-quality phone systems that simply works and with business in a constant state of change, sometimes simple suffers. But today, transforming your phone system is simple regardless of your business—whether you have five employees or 500. A cloud hosted phone system (PBX) eliminates the need for an onsite phone system (PBX – a tradition phone closet).


FlexConnX hosted VoIP solution includes:


• Reduced cost associated with a traditional phone system in your closet, on-site and at risk
• Full phone system capabilities – hold music, call center functionality, etc.
• Low monthly phone bills (including VoIP services) – up to 40% less
• Future-proof your phone systems with auto applied software updates

Hosted VoIP
Hosted VoIP
Call Center
  • Agents
    • Agents receive incoming calls from a queue. To receive queued calls, they must first be set up as an agent, then assigned to one or more queues.
  • Pause and Unpause
    • Ability for a call center agent to pause calls from ringing their phone while they complete a task or take a break.
  • Queues
    • If available agents are busy or unavailable, calls can be routed to an intelligent call queue. You can prioritize calls by value, request urgency or customizable rules.
  • Reason Codes
    • If an Agent needs to stop receiving calls temporarily, but does not want to log out of the queue, the agent can pause their incoming queue calls and provide a Reason Code to indicate why.
  • Tally Codes
    • When an agent receives a queued call and needs to assign it to a specific category for billing or other purposes, he/she can provide a Tally Code to indicate the nature of the call.
  • Zero Out
    • Allows a caller to leave the queue by pressing “0” to choose other call routing options, such as voicemail.
Conference Call
  • Conference Bridges
    • Multiple on-site and outside callers can simultaneously participate in password-protected conference calls. Callers can be assigned “talk/listen” or “listen only” status.
  • 3-Way Conference Call
    • After making or receiving a call, a user may  “conference in” any third party for a 3-way call.
Hosted VoIP
  • Accounting and Billing Reports
    • Detailed information about accounts receivable, invoices, and revenue can be viewed for all customers or per individual customer.
  • Activity Reports 
    • Activity reports provide graphs of call traffic and virtual path usage for all call types that occurred during the past 90 days.
  • Call Detail Records
    • Real-time call logging is available within the portal. Information displayed includes call origin, destination, duration, date and time, and call type (International, On-Net, etc.).
  • Call Traffic by Extension
    • Track the number of calls by individual extensions.
  • Call Volume Graphs
    • Histograms graphically display calling patterns and trends.
  • Call Center Reports
    • Detailed reports can be viewed for activity and performance statistics per agent or per queue, such as answered and abandoned calls, and incoming calls per DID.
Music On Hold
  • Commercials On Hold (By Phone Number)
    • You may upload multiple On Hold commercials to your Hosted VoIP, and playback can be based on location or queue.
  • Music On Hold (Custom or Default)
    • You have the choice to upload custom music files, or use our default music to be played while callers are on hold.
Hosted VoIP
Hosted VoIP
Origination & Termination
  • Domestic Origination
    • IGTech365 provides local phone numbers or DIDs in most areas in the United States. That means that we can port
      your local phone number to our system, and provide your company with the highest quality voice and flexibility of Hosted VoIP.
  • Domestic Terminations
    • We provide competitive outbound call packages ranging from pay-as-you-go and prepaid minutes, to unlimited usage plans. Our per-minute rate is competitive, and our quality and reliability is uncompromising.
  • E911 Support
    • Every location and phone number where you utilize a device or softphone must have an associated E911 entry
      in the Web Portal. The phone number associated with your location is then registered with the national E911 database. You are also responsible to updating this information with IGTech365 if you move any device to a new location per the IGTech365 Terms of Service.
  • Endpoint Templates
    • We provide the ability to create, configure, and distribute phone program templates that can be used with our
      auto-provisioning servers. This feature streamlines the process of adding new phone models/vendors to our platform. The templates can contain button programming, phone feature access, custom branding logos, and more.
  • International Termination
    • We offer competitive international rates, which are available via our website or upon request.
  • Shared Line Appearance 
    • The ability to emulate a “Key System” where each phone can have predefined line keys that represent a specific phone line. Calls are delivered to the line and all phones with that line key. Any phone can pick up the call and all others will see that it is in use. Calls cannot be transferred from that line, but can be put on hold, or announced and picked up on the same phone or any other phone bearing the same line key.
  • Toll Free Numbers
    • Utilize one or multiple toll free numbers which may be routed to a specific outside DID, Auto Attendant, group,
      or queue.
Call Management
  • Attended Transfer
    • Transfer a call to an extension, group, or phone number after announcing the party to be transferred.
  • Auto Attendant Answering
    • Setup a telephone number that dials directly to an Auto Attendant. Callers are then presented with predefined options via the Auto Attendant feature.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    • Used to route calls in a call center environment to the appropriate agents, based on factors such as time availability, behavior, and priority levels.
  • Barge
    • Allows you to listen in on a selected extension and speak to the internal caller, but not be heard by the external caller.


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Hosted VoIP
Virtual Auto Attendants
  • Multiple Top-Level Auto Attendants
    • Allows separate telephone numbers to be routed to unique Top-Level Auto Attendants. Each Auto Attendant is individually configurable.
  • Sub-Level Auto Attendants
    • Sub-Level Auto Attendants are often used for different departments within an organization. For example, you may have a main Auto Attendant for your company, plus Sub-Level Auto Attendants for Sales, Support, etc.
  • Top Level Auto Attendants (Always On or Time Based)
    • Allows callers to select menu options using a standard telephone keypad. Through the portal interface, calls can be routed to extensions, mailboxes, groups, conference rooms, call queues, or multiple levels of additional auto attendants.
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