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Affordable & Flexible – SMB Phone Service

Upgrade your business image, get more efficient and take the worries away by moving your phone system to the cloud. Making calls over the Internet (VoIP) provides mobility and connectivity options simply not available from traditional phone systems. Even large and expensive phone systems on location can be replaced or integrated into a new phone service. Many times you can even continue to use the desk phones that you have. If you want to stop buying phones, eliminate ugly cords and maximize your mobility, IGTech365 will provide an app that works on your laptop, desktop, tablet or even your smartphone.

Modern VoIP phone systems enable you to utilize your phone system even when not in your office. The service at your office desk is the same at your home desk or on your laptop at the coffee shop. Customers also cannot tell any difference because everything is managed and routed through an Internet connection. A cloud based phone system also means you can sleep better knowing a disaster at the office doesn’t mean you cannot communicate with customers.

IGTech365 offers virtual phone solutions for any sized-business—whether you’re a small business looking for the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP or a mid-sized business looking for business continuity, disaster recovery, and unlimited or metered calling plans can save up to 40% over traditional telephone services.



Auto Attendant. #1 Image enhancer.

A complete auto attendant will be customized for you to include a unique greeting, options (press 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc), and a dial by name directory. If a change is needed just give us a call. Most changes can be made the same day!

Call Queues & Groups

There are a variety of call queue and group options. Queues can be programmed to ring agents in a set order, ring for a specific period of time and then go to a central mailbox if no answer. A call group can all be rung at once so the first available agent can answer. Set your after hours and forward calls to a cell phone.

Access Anywhere

Work seamlessly across your computer phone, desk phone, smartphone, or tablet; anywhere and anytime (unified communications). You can message other Skype for business users, make calls, check voicemail and schedule conference calls on any qualified device.


Instant messaging is just the beginning. IMing provides a convenient and efficient way to communicate internally and externally with other Skype for Business users. But wait, there’s more. With Skype, you can also make conference calls, drag and drop transfer calls, transfer files and images.

Find me, Follow me

Find me, follow me means a seamless user experience. You can move away from your desk, leave the office or go on a trip and customer think you are in your office. One great aspect of this feature is that there is no longer a need to give out personal cell phone numbers. Customer’s calling your office, or when you call them, they see your office number. These customers belong to you, not a sales rep that moves between companies.

Disaster Recovery

There is safety in the cloud with a VoIP business class phone system. There is no hardware to maintain or protect like a traditional PBX but we can still work with an existing PBX if needed. Without these added costs and hassles, a VoIP phone system make a lot of financial and operational sense.

-One customer had their office burn down and they were back in business the next day.

Call today to learn how we can help you implement a phone system.

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